Walking Away From Weary.


What does it look like to live in the tension between grace and works? We know that grace saves us, but it’s also what compels us to move forward in our calling and toward God’s heart. In this class, Rachael will explore what the Word says about being victorious in Christ, as well as discuss helpful tips to take steps toward victorious living.

The world needs less tired women, and more tenacious ones.



Five things on a Friday.

Steps you can take to heal your post-baby abdominal separation/diastasis:

1. Hire Tyler Brown. This can be a one-time thing, but I have to give my brother credit with writing me the program that brought my abs back to life. He does online/phone consulting and delivers the programs straight to your email inbox for a one-time fee. Hit him up at tylerbrowntraining@gmail.com.

2. Buy an abdominal binder. I thought I’d missed the boat, being four years out from the twins who blew my belly out. As it turns out, waist training is a thing right now and that gear works for restoring your abs too! The binder allows you to do things like crunches that you wouldn’t be able to safely accomplish without support. I’m very fresh into this, but the reviews have sold me.

3. Practice yoga. I started with Holy Yoga, which I will continue to subscribe to even after starting attending classes at my local gym. Yoga allows for so much freedom and modification, but it also shows you your progress each time you practice. And when you’re working on something like growing your muscles back together, you need to see wins on a regular basis.

4. Read Mummy Tummy. This book helped me understand the whole concept behind diastasis and why it’s important to heal from the inside out. Even though it highlights and covers the Tupler technique, the entire book is worth the read. It helps you build the foundation for healing and getting your core back to the way it used to be.

5. Engage ALL OF THE TIME. This is similar to the Tupler technique but even simpler. It’s not an exercise, but you’d be surprised at how effective it is. I started acknowledging my abs all of the time. When I bend over to pick up a baby, I engage my core. When I lean over the table to serve my family dinner, I engage. The more mindful I’ve become of my abs, the more I realize they are for me and not against me. They want to help me. They want to heal. And they take the steps to getting stronger as often as I let them.

Hope this helps! Glad to see so many of you sharing similar experiences on my recent Instagram post. Let’s do this together, shall we?

Self-care isn’t just about you.


Women these days love to talk about self-care. We want people to know we need it. We want women to feel zero shame about pursuing it. We also love to make excuses for why we don’t have margin for it. There isn’t enough time, or money, or childcare to take good care of ourselves. We seem to bring these things up when we aren’t well, in the middle of an emotional breakdown or a stressful argument.

And y’all? I’m calling bull**** on the excuses. I just don’t believe them. I used to make the same claims and they’re simply untrue. There is always enough time to brush your teeth an extra time during the day, or to make your bed. You just make the time. There is always enough money for a special coffee treat or a manicure. You just make the budget. There is always someone who will watch your kids while you go to counseling. You just make the ask. Self-care is not about always putting yourself first, or adding more extravagance and lush “you deserve this” to your life. Self-care is about being smart and being healthy, not being selfish.

Nobody needs a martyr. Your kids don’t, your husband doesn’t, your friends don’t, and your job doesn’t. This generation of women certainly does not. Here’s what I’ve learned over the last year… self-care isn’t just about you. Taking care of yourself pays off in the most socialist of ways, for the greater good of your community. Your tribe benefits when you’re well. Your kids, your husband, your friends, and your workplace all win when you’re at your best. They get your best you, and nobody is going to complain about that.

A cheerful woman is a whole woman. Whole women squeeze every last drop out of life, in order to fill themselves up so they can pour back out to the world around them. Squeezing every last drop out of life means taking excellent care of yourself. So stop making excuses! Go brush your teeth or something.